Monday, 11 July 2011

Design Phase

I always start my application design with the various screens (or activities) and how the user navigates between them.

In Compastic! I need:
  1. the main screen with
    1. the place of interest selected and a way to change it
    2. a compass view showing the Magnetic North direction and the direction to the place of interest
    3. the distance to that place
    4. a way to switch mode as I also wanted to be able to display the locations (current and of interest) on a Map
  2. an "Add Place" screen where the user can add a new place of interest, with
    1. a search bar, to enter the name of the place in text
    2. a map to visualise the places geographically
    3. a list to select the place of choice
  3. a couple of standard dialogs for Welcoming and Instructions
Here's an overview of these three screens:

Like I said I am no professional Android developer and does this as a hobby. I could really do with some UI/UX advice!

In the next posts I will discuss the actual implementation of each screens.

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